Crazy Quilt Solitaire

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  • Description
    • An interesting & unusual 2-deck solitaire game - try to pull the 'threads' from the 'quilt' and sort the cards into their suits! It's a simple premise, but this game requires a skillful blend of strategy and memory to complete on the expert setting!
      3 difficulty settings to suit everyone from beginner to expert, full in-game help to get you started, and a host of stats & scores so you can see your progress, this is one solitaire game you do not want to miss!
  • Instructions
    • Try to get the cards onto the homepiles in order!
      Cards in the Quilt must have a short edge free before you can use them!
      Click & drag the cards, or double-click to auto-clear!
      You can store cards from the quilt in the waste pile
      - use this to free up those tricky inner cards!

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