Dark Inference: The First Shadows

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    • Mouse tips are available for all icons, and a short Tutorial is provided.
      Select a squad member by clicking on one of character icons, (top left).
      Movement: Click on an adjacent location on the map screen. their speed is proportional to their agility.
      Pick up Object: Click and drag the icon from the floor (bottom left) to the character's inventory, (top central),
      Drop Object: Reverse the above. Drag the object from the inventory to the floor,(bottom left).
      Activate/Use Object: Click and drag the activation button over to the item in your inventory that you wish to activate/use.
      Combat: Your squad will automatically return fire on all the enemies in their location. When their strength falls too low your team will attempt to retreat,
      You can order an immediate retreat, (green icon), or forbid one, (red icon).
      A character dies when their strength falls to zero, on death they drop any carried objects. Once removed from combat. strength recovers at a rate dependent on their stamina.
      Pause and Game Menu: Clicking the pause icon ‘pauses’ the game and gives access to the Game Menu that holds the important Save, Load, and New Game functions.

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