Raccoon Crisis

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  • Description
    • A first person shooter about zombie raccoons.
  • Instructions
    • Stop this Raccoon crisis!
      Cull the zombie raccoons and gain points in doing so.
      There are two play modes:
      15 levels to plow through. Once every raccoon has been
      culled, the player will automatically be taken to the next level.
      Try not to miss those extra points before you're dragged off

      The player is thrown into a small areana were supplies have
      been left on the floor. Raccoons will spawn into the room in
      waves... The only problem is though the raccoons will respawn,
      the supplies won't! See how many points you can claim
      before you "stop surviving".

      Up or W = move forwards
      left and right = turning
      back = walk backward
      A & D = strafing (walking left and right without turning)
      Space = shoot
      1,2 & 3 = hotkeys for weapons

      Please note: Strafing is VERY important... if you can master
      strafing, moving and shooting at the same time not only
      will the game seem easier, it will be more fun ;)

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