Rift Beta Testing

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  • Description
    • Public beta testing for the online multiplayer arcade game Rift - players battle each other in their own sectors of space and attack others by sending weapons through portals called wormholes in space to invade their enemy's zone
  • Instructions
    • Use any name and click connect to join the main lobby, it should connect you in a few seconds, if not please hit refresh and try again. This game is largely multiplayer based, but because it is currently in beta testing, there may not be any player opponents to play against, however, there are bots that can be used to play against even with other human players in the room.

      To start a game, type a name for the game and click start new game at the bottom, this will bring you to the game lobby, where you can wait for others to join your game or begin immediately. Users are able to join games in progress, so don't worry about starting a game too early.

      While in-game, shoot the wormholes in the center to make powerups spawn. Touch the powerups to add them to your arsenal, a total of four powerups can be held at one time. To attack an enemy, aim towards their wormhole and press shift to launch the current powerup or hold shift to deploy all held powerups. If the powerups are launched into a wormhole, the targeted player will be attacked with the powerups you sent, and if the enemy is hurt directly from your powerup, you gain points.

      Or you can read the in-game instructions.

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