Tang Poems 3 – An Autumn Night Message to Qiu

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  • Description
    • You are one of the best apprentices Creihan the Calligrapher has ever had! He now trusts you are able to finish the most delicate scroll he is working on: "An Autumn Night Message to Qiu".

      Put all Chinese characters back onto their appointed shelf. Again, watch out for wrong moves.

      Tang Poems 3 can be played independently of Tang Poems 1 and 2.
  • Instructions
    • Drag and drop each character onto the correct shelf. Each time the board is cleared, characters will be revealed on the scroll.

      You must clear the board before you run out of time, and watch out for wrong moves! They will cost you your Accuracy Bonus. Finish the game and you will get the translation of the Tang dynasty poem.

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