Bunny Battle

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  • Description

      Help Rabbit King keep Big Green safe from High Roller and his group of enemies as you battle your way to safety.

      Big Green is under attack by High Roller and his group of enemies, this time it’s a jump rope challenge. Bump the enemies out of the stage to defeat them and keep Big Green safe!

      Rabbit King is the master of the jump rope! Help him save Big Green from High Roller and his group of enemies by knocking, bumping and wiping your opponents out of the ring to save Big Green. Use the arrow keys to control the jump roping Rabbit King and bump the enemies out of the arena to advance through the levels.

      If you think you have what it takes to defeat all the enemies and save Big Green? Play Bunny Battle and find out!


      • 9 levels of quick action!
      • Earn trophies and bragging rights with your friends!
  • Instructions
    • Use the arrow and space bar keys to control Rabbit King. Up, Down, Left, Right move Rabbit King around the ring and space bar jumps!

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