The Boomlands

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  • Description
    • Customize your King and troops to conquer ten different lands!

      The Boomlands is a defense type strategy game, where you hire units to gather resources or attack the enemy, who does the same. The goal is to knock down the enemy's castle.

      There are also Structures in the game, which can be used to benefit your defense, attack, or economy.

      The Boomlands has tons of unlockables and many customization elements, so players can create unique-looking units for battling.
  • Instructions
    • The game is controlled with the mouse. Use the icons at the top of the game screen to hire units and build structures. Click the Sun to bring up the pause menu. From the map screen you can select missions, view your trophies, submit your score to the online leaderboard, and customise the appearance and abilities of your king and troops.

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