Game Over: The Beginning

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  • Description
    • Welcome back to the world of "Game Over." This game was so much fun to make the team has released another version just for the fans of the first. This is not an update, this is a remake of the original "Game Over." Your mission, destroy the "Core." If you fail, well it's called, "Game Over" for a reason.
  • Instructions
    • Objective: Collected the required amount of blocks needed to access the next level. (This is present on the game screen during play) Collect blocks to add to your score or, face the negative side of failure by having your score decreased. Enjoy!

      Rules and Instructions are present within the game's Tutorial. :) and don't forget to visit the site for more games and visit our store to pick up apparel and more. (link is included on game's main title menu)

      (Note: If you lose a game your score might drop to "00000." This is suppose to happen because this version does not contain the Score Ranking option, sorry.)

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