Speed Pac Run

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  • Description
    • Speed Pac Run is a speed game in the spirit of the ’80 s.
      No score, no progression, no story: just you against your limits.
      Player motivation is just simply surpassing yourself

      The aim of the game is to get through the labyrinth in a minimum of time.
      To do that you have to use a strategy to calculate the best path through a labyrinth …
      You will also need fast reflexes to avoid penalty collisions with the walls.
      And, ultimate fine point, anticipating turns, will give tenths of seconds

      You can also use a powerful, but dangerous, booster.
      Powerful because when used, it doubles the speedups gained
      Dangerous because if you collide with a wall under full boost you will lose all your speedups.

      Each pastille eaten gives you a speedup point
      Each eaten star gives you 10 speedup points
      If you eat the cherry you will win 100 speedup points

      The game automatically memorizes your best times as well as your best courses
      You will be tempted to beat your ghost
  • Instructions
    • arrows for moving
      Ctrl to activate the boost
      R to restart the course

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