Wild West Reaction 2

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  • Description
    • One and two player reaction shooter.

      Wild West Reaction 2, will record your average reaction time in single player and in the challenge mode, when you win the duel.

      Challenge the top 10 players on the leader board in this fast paced reaction shooter and get your name and nationality in the game, or play against friends on the same keyboard.
  • Instructions
    • Choose between: 1 Player, 2 Players and Challenge.

      Save your reaction time when you win the duel. Only available in 1 Player and Challenge mode.

      In 1 Player and Challenge mode:
      Press up arrow to start the timer, wait for DRAW, then press down arrow as fast as you can.
      In 2 Player mode:
      Player 2 uses 'W' to start the timer, wait for DRAW, then press 'S' as fast as possible.

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